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We Can Conquer It All, Babe

Together, we can take on anything.

I get so wrapped up in my day to day schedule, stresses, and conquests that I slip up and forget this sometimes.

It is so easy for me to focus on the never ending list that awaits me and become completely consumed in all that I do and the load that I carry.

But babe, you carry a load all your own that begs to be called to attention and praised because I know that you are a unicorn.

While I work hard here at home taking care of the kids, house, meals, you are off at your job, running your business, and affording me the ability to not have to miss a single sweet moment or memory. You are a steadfast provider.

When I hear the kids' tiny voices come through the monitor each and every morning, I worry not because I know that before long you will be in their room, greeting them and tending to their morning needs. You are their morning grace.

As the day winds to an end and I have had hours of going to the bathroom for an audience, having my meals rejected, and kids refusing naps, you walk through that door as if you haven't had a full day yourself, ready to take over so I can breathe. You are my savior.

Migraines, back pain, pregnancy, exhaustion, whatever my ailment, you step up to the plate ready to take on the whole game while I am down for the count, allowing me time to recover and heal. You are fearless.

I walk in the door from a grocery shopping trip to restock us before a snow storm and you have folded the laundry awaiting me and dressed the bed with fresh sheets, which was done after you finished lunch time and successfully carried out nap routine. You are selfless.

You never shy away from changing the next diaper, drying the next tear, or ending the next sibling feud. You are my rock.

I never have to call for septic emptying, roll the trash bins out in the bitter cold, balance our budget. You just do it.

You soothe midnight tears.

You do 95% of baths.

You give our children pure, unfiltered joy.

You balance the scale when I am a little weak on my side.

People constantly remark that raising twins must be so very hard and while they're right, there is one very simple truth... you make everything easier.

You are so very appreciated.

And together, we can weather any storm because together, we can conquer it all.

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